Partners / friends

Play2golf allows you to manage a list of members, even maintain a handicap different from the official one.

Amateur players can use it to have a list of friends or players they play with frequently.

Both clubs and amateur players can use it to manage competitions in which only member registrations are accepted.

Partner file

In the membership file you can indicate the following information:

  • Nº member: Number that identifies the player in the group of friends or partners. It is automatically assigned consecutively, but can be modified before being assigned to the player.
  • Name: Player search engine. El usuario debe estar dado de alta en Play2Golf.
  • Active: Indicates whether the partner is active. In the inscriptions to the competitions it is possible to authorize to register all the members or only the active ones.
  • Nickname: Pseudonym assigned to the player in competitions and leagues. In the management of competitions and leagues it can be configured so that the name of the players shows the nickname instead of their full name.
  • Handicap: It allows you to wear a different handicap for this player in this group of friends or members of a club. Por ejemplo, en el campo de Torre Pacheco, Murcia, España, existe un grupo llamado 'Partida de los miércoles' (el primero que ha utilizado Play2Golf en toda su organización), que está formado por un numeroso grupo de jugadores y mantienen su propio hándicap diferente al de la Federación Española de Golf.
  • Internal comments: Internal observations that are not displayed on any other page.


  • It allows you to manage a database of members of a club or simply of friends with whom you play frequently.
  • It allows players to register in competitions and leagues from a special search engine.
  • It allows to limit the registration to competitions to players who are registered as members.
  • It allows you to manage a handicap other than the official one.
  • In the 'Personal file' option it is allowed to print a report with the games that have been played as a member and the handicap modifications that the player has had.